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Théâtre de la Société Olympique

Louis-Emmanuel-Aimé Damesme

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(detail)30.1.1801 | opening

(detail)1816 | closure



"The front of the edifice was ornamented with small Ionic columns, and a bas-relief representing two genii supporting a lyre. The gate led into a court surrounded by a peristyle of the Doric order, which gave access to a magnificent vestibule, the ceiling of which was supported by a double range of Doric columns. From the vestibule two stair-cases led to a spacious and elegant saloon. The form of the house was a prolonged semicircle. The second tier of boxes was supported by fourteen can at ides, and the third by a range of light Corinthian columns. A fourth tier was contrived in the ceiling. The ornaments were in good taste, and the harmony of the light colours with which it was painted produced an agreeable effect. This house was forty-one feet in length, thirty-four in breadth, and forty-two in height."


In:  Whittaker, G. B.: The History of Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day: Vol. II. London, 1825 p. 513 - 514



Author: G. B Whittaker

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