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Many experts from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia participate in the project TACE.


 Jiří Hilmera (*1925, †2009)

Studied art and music at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University. Worked in monument care and the theatre department of the National Museum. He is the author of a range of exhibitions and specialised publications from the areas of architecture, scenography and cultural history (for example, Pražská divadla (Prague Theatres), 1995; Česká divadelní architektura (Czech Theatre Architecture), 1999; he contributed to the publications: Vlastislav Hofman, 2004; František Tröster: Básník světla a prostoru (Poet of Light and Space), 2007).

 Jiří Hilmera contributed to the project Theatre Architecture in Central Europe (TACE) as both an expert and a member of the international team starting in the year 2008. He is the co-author of the concept for the prepared publication dedicated to Central European theatre architecture, as well as being the author of almost 40 entries (he completed 26) and special editor of several dozen further entries on Czech theatre architecture for the database being prepared. He also contributed to the content of the preparation of the exhibition on Central European architecture scheduled for the year 2010. 




 Henrieta Moravčíková (*1963)

This Slovak architecture theorist studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava and at present works as the head of the Architecture department at the Institute of Construction and Architecture of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. From the year 1997 she has been editor-in-chief of the monthly journal Arch and editor of the journal of the Slovak Academy of Sciences Architektúra&Urbanizmus (Architecture and Urban Planning). She has been chairperson of the Slovak working group DOCOMOMO, an international non-profit organisation dedicated to protecting modern architecture since the year 2000. She is the  author of a range of monographs on Slovak architects, the co-author of the book Architektúra na Slovensku v 20. storočí (Architecture in Slovakia in the 20th Century) and editor of the monograph of Slovak architecture Architektúra na Slovensku: stručné dejiny (Architecture in Slovakia: a Brief History). She has been awarded the Award of the Literary Foundation and the Martin Kusý Prize for theoretical work in the area of architecture.




 Vojteh Ravnikar (1943-2010)

This leading Slovenian architect studied at the University of Ljubljana and began his architectural career in the year 1978. He has designed a range of renowned buildings in Slovenia (for example, the Town Hall in Sežana, Piran Hotel in Piran, the theatre in the town of Nova Gorica) and has been the recipient of a number of significant prizes (Plečnik Award, 1987; Prešeren Award, 2003; Herder Prize, 2006). He presently teaches at the University of Ljubljana.






Vladimír Soukenka (*1953)

This architect and scenographer studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the studio of Professor Josef Svoboda. He has worked as a scenographer and both studio and interior architect for an entire range of theatre performances and for Czech Television since the beginning of the 1980s. He is also interested in creation of interiors, design of furniture objects and theatre architecture. He has taught at the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague since the year 1991 where he presently runs an independent studio at the Interior and Exhibiting Institute. He will participate in the workshop “Theatre Architecture, Visions and Possibilities” as part of the framework of TACE (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe).





 Ivo Svetina (*1948)

This Slovenian poet, dramatist, essayist and translator studied comparative literature and theory at the University of Ljubljana. He founded the experimental theatres Pupilije Ferkeverk and Pekarna and has worked as a dramaturgist for Radio-Television Slovenia and in Mladinsko gledališče Theatre. He has published a range of theatre plays and twenty collections of poetry (for example, Botticelli, 1975; Joni, 1976, Dissertationes, 1977; Bulbul, 1982; Five Manuscripts, 1987; Sky and Mountain, 2003; Poems of Ignorance, 2004; Lesbos, 2005) since the year 1971 for which he has received the literary prizes (Zlata ptica (Golden Bird) Award, 1978; Prešern Award, 1987; Slavko Grum Award, 1987, 1992, 1996). His work has been translated into Italian, Serbian, Croatian, Spanish, German and English. He has been director of the Slovenian Theatre Museum since the year 1998 with which he is participating in the project TACE (Theatre Architecture in Central Europe).




 Mihály Vargha (1952 - 2010)

This Hungarian architect, journalist and theatre technology specialist was one of the founders and editors of the internet forum on architecture  epiteszforum.hu. Vargha published in a range of Hungarian printed mediums (for example, Színháztechnikai Fórum (Theatre Forum), Magyar Építőművészet, Építész Közlöny (Architect's Bulletin). He co-operated long-term with the Budapest experimental theatre Kretakör for whom he also (along with other authors) prepared an exhibition at the Prague Quadrennial 2007.







Igor Kovačević (*1975)Studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Czech Technical University in Prague, specialising in Architecture and urban planning (2000). Founding member of the Centre for Central European Architecture (CCEA). Apart from curating and publication activities, he is also involved in architecture work as part of the platform of MOBA studio which he established along with Yvette Vašourková. 




The aim of the project is to promote the still existing historic theatres in Europe by way of a new cultural tourism route, a free online database, and a travelling exhibition, also fostering cross-border cooperation among these theatres.

Historic theatres in 5 minutes

Litomyšl - Castle Theatre

Český Krumlov - Castle Theatre

Graz - Opera

Vienna - Theater an der Vien

Weitra - Castle Theatre

Grein - Municipal Theatre

Kačina - Castle Theatre

Mnichovo Hradiště - Castle Theatre

Graz - Drama Thatre