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Cirque-Olympique in Mont Thabor Street

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Important events

(detail)27.12.1807 | opening

(detail)27.5.1816 | closure


" This circus is two hundred feet in length by one hundred in breadth. Its front, which is very mean, looks towards a covered passage leading from the rue Saint-Honoré to the rue du Mont Thabor.  The passage, although but nine feet wide, is the only public entrance to the house.    The shape of the circus is a regular polygon of eighteen sides, five of which form the opening of the proscenium. The arena is of the same dimensions as that of the old house, and is surrounded by two ranges of fourteen very slender columns. Behind the columns are three galleries, the fronts of which are decorated with draperies and crowns.
This circus, which is entirely formed of plaster, wood, and canvas, is larger than that of Astley in London."


In:  Whittaker, G. B.: The History of Paris from the Earliest Period to the Present Day: Vol. II. London, 1825 p. 524



Author: G. B Whittaker

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