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Malá scéna Štátneho divadla Košice

alias Kino Tivoli, Kino Partizán, Štúdio Smer, Veľké Kasíno, Kino Korzo
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(detail)1980 | opening


Around the same time as the citizens of Košice built its magnificent building of the Municipal Theatre, was near him in a rowhouse in the square and a building that is now used for theatrical purposes as well. It is located in the Small Theatre State Theatre Košice.

The building was made at the turn of the 19th and 20 century, but data on its occurrence are not currently fully understood. Some of the researchers are inclined to believe that it was built in the years 1896-1899 as the Upper Museum, prepared in 1903 for representational Building Society Big Casino. [Project Institute of Culture in Bratislava, Prešov Centre: London. Direction. SD Studio. Project task, 1982 drafted Matusek, p. 9; SSR Ministry of Culture, Bratislava: the reconstruction of monuments. Reconstruct the study Košice - Direction, 1980, processed Peter Janik, p. 4] According to the researchers, however, later left the building society to build a large casino again. [...] According to the surviving photographs of the original museum and later the casino, it is clear that the form of both buildings is significantly different and therefore also in the event of conversion, an intervention into a strong building. Association launched a big casino on the building in the 1900 competition, whose winners have become a Miksával Károly Rainer Müller [Gerle ....]. According to Dany Bořutová is the author of Kosice project architect Julius Répaszky [...]. Was built in the rowhouse on Main Street. Its architecture is decorated with fine art nouveau ornament and interior frescoes. The author of harmony and unity frescoes on the ceiling of the staircase is Julius Eder.
Later, the building has undergone several adaptation, and mainly served as a cinema. (Promenade Theater, Tivoli Theatre, Cinema Partizan, in which work was the cinema, had its premises here and Folk Art store, Urban Administration cinemas, Slovak Film). Operation Theatre has been canceled 15th 6.1980, when the Council of the Ministry of National Affairs Košice decided to allocate an object theater. One major reason was the upcoming renovation of historical buildings and the need for the establishment of alternative theater space, where files would be able to operate during the renovation. I remained here after the experimental stage called Studio Direction, later renamed Little scene Košice. Cinema remained active in two-storey building, built out around 1900 on the back of the Court.

Even before the adaptation of the building for theatrical purposes, made several adjustments of the building. In 1963, the renovated central heating, built the modified projection booths. In 1792, held an exchange of the metal roofing tile coverings and in 1979 was adjusted from the street facade. Following the assignment of building the theater were made minor adjustments, which are adapted to theater space operations. ["The solution should be only provisional, made some modifications to the technique originated stepped onstage in its current form." - Interview with the head of Drama State Theatre Košice Joseph Officials titled: Thirty years ago, opened the gate Minor SD scenes, [online, 30.11 .2010], available at http://kuultur.com/2010/11/pred-tridsiatimi-rokmi-sa-otvorili-brany-malej-sceny-sd/] Such a solution should be only temporary until the project does not prepare a thorough reconstruction . Despite begun preparatory work and the creation of project finance studies are found. The idea of reconstruction was re-discovered recently and is considering its implementation in 2011.

Building Small Scene State Theatre Košice is part of the main row of buildings, square lenticular Kosice. It is situated in the northwestern part.

The main entrance is oriented to the square. The front facade is five axial storey. A three axis points slightly protruding buttress, finished above the cornice balustrádovou attic and at the first floor balcony. In the first and fifth axes are located downstairs inputs, a three axis initially filled rectangular window openings with skylights, are now replaced by large, horizontally oriented showcase. Changes were also mentioned inputs to the lateral axes facades. Entry in the first axis is fitted into a shallow recess with rounded end. Rounded shape to accommodate the niche and door panels with skylight. Today the doors are simple rectangular shape, transom is immured. Entry into the fifth axis is fitted into a rectangular recess, initially in the form of window openings coincide with the central axis. This entry was later reduced. The ground floor is separated from the upper floors string courses, marked a dividing element is also mentioned in the balcony width of the central buttress. Rests on four stone consoles his stone is balustrádový parapet. Location of representative rooms on the first floor facade is indicated by high rectangular windows with a huge rectangular grid dividing window frames, complemented by subtle round breakdown. To not even follow a series of smaller windows in the shape of the side and differentiated secondary axes. In the first and fifth axes are rectangular, round three in the middle. Both the windows are set into a common shallow niches and tied a rich stucco decoration. Emphasize the importance of the central buttress interwindows pillars, as richly decorated stucco. Be left plain or wall facades, broken horizontal rustic except horizontal strip (positive) under the cornice. Major ledge stand out from the facade area, from the bottom of it decorated with beads and zuborez. Gabled roof is now covered with tin roofing.

            Object Theatre is located on the longitudinal rectangular layout. At ground floor level in both extremes of the axes are underpasses, leading to a smaller inner courtyard. Left serves as the main entrance to the theater hall. Spaces in front of ground floor restaurant serves the purpose, are directly accessible from the street. Left overhead door divided into smaller spaces, translates into greater entrance hall with staircase, Reception area and locker room viewing. Maybe it get into space and the inner court. Single-monumental staircase leads to first floor, which is located at the theater hall and foyer.

            Area theaters has a rectangular floor plan, perspective is in addition to seats in the parterre small balcony in the back of a trio of boxes on the west side wall. Their space is framed by a separate semi-circular cutouts in the mass of the side wall and semicircular space in halls protruding balconies. East side wall is flat, divided by two rows of window openings, oriented toward the street. Area theater hall is richly decorated with stucco ornament plant, female masks and architectural elements, concentrated mainly in the upper wall around the window and bed type logs, balcony parapets and around the portal stage. Vaults of the ceiling light is decorated in the bottom of the design plant tendrils vajcovca, perlovca, listovca male and masks. The upper, flat portion is divided into several rectangular mirror with a round in the middle of oculo without ornamentation.  Foyer space is without any decoration, but similarly rich decorative apparatus can be found in the area of the entrance hall staircase. Basic division of the walls there is formed blind semicircular niches in the eastern prípade, smaller semi-circular windows in the case of the southern, or a single large rounded window in the case in West wall. The space between the windows and cutouts ternal broken string courses and pilasters. Even here, as in the case of the theater hall is roofed solved in the form of vaults. Its concave concave bottom surface divided over ribs and short, rounded pilasters are adapting.

Representative character bears the staircase balustrade parapet. The dressing rooms on the ground floor of the said hall defines three open arches of the arcades with a glass filler at the top. Each of the arcade arches lies on top of the decoration in the form of plant tendrils looking at  to female mask. On the east side of the dressing room lodge is situated in a decorative metal awning over the window openings. Representation is also depicted input underpass, ribbed vaulting with dividing tracks  on pilasters. The space between the pilasters is divided ledge. With her is tied decoration in the form of plant tendrils and female masks, as was applied in the staircase hall. The lower part is  divided to three-plane without decoration except for a stronger retail strip plant tendrils.





Author: Viera Dlhánová

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