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Klub Mlejn

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(detail)1988 | construction

(detail)2010 | opening


The  originally two-storey panel House of Culture Mlejn that is located between Oistrachova, Mládí a Kovářova streets in the cadastral area of Stodůlky, Prague 13, was erected in the 1980s as a component of civic facilities of the adjacent suburb from panel buildings Stodůlky. During the 20 years of its existence, the Mlejn became ranked among important centres of culture in Prague. The municipal district of Prague 13 decided in 2009 to initiate reconstruction of the building (funded by European Regional Development Fund within the frame of the  operational programme Prague Competitiveness (OPPC). The firm Vltavín Holding completed the reconstruction in September of 2010 and the Mlejn was ceremonially opened on 10th of October.

During the reconstruction, the firm carried out dismantling the original unsightly cladding, demolition of the majority of partitions up to the bare ferro-concrete skeleton, the external cladding, roof, floors were insulated and new windows and doors installed. The major step to energy saving in the building and usage of alternative sources of energy became a system of heat pumps and air conditioning that are located in the basement. An extension of the house of culture was carried out as well at the south and north section by the existing hall with separate entrances. The house is newly arranged in several material styles: the cube of a restaurant and library and the first floor for clubs is designed in a combination of large-format panels of High pressure laminate, HPL Trespo and timer panelling “cedr”, the room that is connected to operation of the hall were panelled by large-format panels of High pressure laminate, HPL Trespo. The roofs are partially covered by green. A newly arranged basement contains a recording studio and air-handling plant, heat pumps for the hall and  storage facility. There are operation rooms of a restaurant with a kitchen, offices, multipurpose hall and library in the ground floor. A staff entrance was made for employees and performers to the   Kovářova Street.   

A spectator enters the theatre through a foyer with a cloak room, cash desk and bar. The theatre hall was modified from the original shape into a rectangular one with a mobile removable stage and auditorium. The stepped auditorium is easy to dismount and thus enables creation of a large area, for instance a dance floor. The auditorium for theatre is moderately raked, 10 rows and capacity of 300 seats.  The stage is 14 wide and 5 m deep, there is a fly gallery available in the height of 6 m and a standard fly facility with low bearing capacity. New elements are special suspensory points for acrobatics in the ceiling (the height of the ceiling is 8 m), the theatre is equipped also by a projection screen and  slide projector is available at its disposal as well. The directors and sound cabin is located in the first floor against the stage. It is possible to store seats for the spectators and mobile rostrums in the background of the theatre. The hall is adjacent to handling areas and rooms for coulisses that are accessible from outside through a covered, loading ramp. There are clubs, classrooms and offices in the area of the first floor above the library.



Operační program Praha – Konkurenceschopnost




Author: Markéta Svobodová

Translator: Jan Purkert

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