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Revolving auditorium Týn nad Vltavou

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(detail)1983 | opening


The revolving auditorium is located in the municipal park in the grounds of the extinct castle in Týn, in a short distance from the city centre, between Veselská and Pod Parkem streets.


Despite the popular revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov is often treated as it is was the only one of the sort, a similar, though smaller, auditorium is located in the nearby Týn  nad Vltavou since 1983. It was erected at the outskirts of the city centre in a park, on the location of a medieval castle that was pulled down in the 17th century. The construction of the auditorium was instigated and carried out by the amateur theatre association Vltavan  that has been existing in Týn since 1855 only with short interruptions.

(Vltavan used to perform in the open already in the 1920s. In the location of the latter Sokol gym, the so called Švehla’s Theatre in outdoors was gradually coming into existence from 1921 and it was a large collection of sceneries representing a whole village including a small castle and a small chapel on the village square. The promoter of this theatre was painter, photographer and keen amateur actor Jan Švehla, who directed the plays here in the original exterior theatre as well. The opened space enabled to stage mass scenes with a numerous crowd here.)

The present day revolving auditorium in the Bedřichovy Ochards, undoubtedly inspired by the auditorium in Krumlov, was erected by the amateur actors themselves in honour of the 100 year anniversary of reopening of the National Theatre in Prague. “The second revolving auditorium in the Czechoslovakia of that time and the third in the world” has been erected with self-help – obviously without any architectural design- during July and August of 1983. The construction is based on wheels from an armoured personnel carrier, of which rotation is secured by two electric motors. The first performance that was staged around the new auditorium was the Bagpipe of Strakonice by J. K. Tyl in September of 1983.

Architects Jiří Střítecký a Martin Krupauer presented a design of a new auditorium in 2006 that could replace the lingered construction of the present day one in the future. The main innovation is movable roofing that is tilted backwards with a covering of waterproof fabric on six radial timber beams. A protruding roof, an unloaded antithesis to the auditorium construction, resembles a shell that is opened in the direction of a spectators’ view. According to the authors of the design, the entire structure should represent a cosmic object that is cursed in the underground, under the place, where the auditorium stands. Finance for implementation has not been obtained so far.


Present state

The auditorium is composed of a low, circular platform with 10 m perimeter, of which wooden floor covers a rotary device.  From its rear two thirds of the flat, eight rows of benches of a segmental plan are moderately raked being interrupted by an aisle on the sides. The space in front of them is empty and it is possible to use it for acting. A technical booth with an extension of a lighting bridge protrudes out of the centre of the last row. The wooden casing of the auditorium is painted brown as well as benches.

The auditorium can accommodate 220 – 242 spectators. The rustic construction of Týn’s auditorium fits better into the surrounding park –certainly due to its smaller dimension -  in comparison with the revolving auditorium in Český Krumlov, which is forcefully inserted into the most exposed location of a historic garden.



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Author: Jiří Bláha

Translator: Jan Purkert

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