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Ostrava competition for a building of opera 1958-1959

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Important events

(detail)1959 | competition


Věkoslav Pardyl |architect - participant of the competition
Ivo Šimoník |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Ivo Klimeš |architect - participant of the competition

Significant architect from Ostrava. In his work he was dedicated above all to the designs of theatres. The most well known of his projects are Most city theatre and reconstruction of the theatres in Ostrava. In his designs form 1960´s applied sharp features and  crystallic  forming of the materials.  Then he switched to more organic compositions with oval and soft materials inspired by the Scandinavian architecture.  His work , gradually more  focused on the designs of the theatres , made him a leading expert on this issue.

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Viktor Dohnal |architect - participant of the competition
Vladimír Beneš |architect - participant of the competition
Stanislav Hubička |architect - participant of the competition
(detail)Jaroslav Fragner |jury member

Czech architect, painter and designer. He was a proponent of Cubism and Functionalism. He is known thanks to his work on restoration and renovation of Czech historical monuments as is Prague Castle, Bethelem chapel and  Karolinum.

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