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Stone Theatre

Josef Goršík

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Important events

(detail)60. 's 20. century | Origin of the administrative building
1960s – origin of the administrative building
(detail)2007 | Adaptations to the storage area of the theatre
2007 – adaptations to the storage area of the theatre
(detail)December 2007 | Beginning of theatre operations
2007, December – beginning of theatre operations


Josef Goršík |main architect


This studio theatre came into being in the storage area of a building from the 1960s through adaptations according to a project by the architect Josef Goršík. It began to function in December 2007. It is situated in a right-angled hall with the podium lifted 20 cm above the basic level of the floor opposite 'an auditorium' with seats in three wide levels for 50 people. Two entrances on the left lead to the podium from the modestly equipped dressing rooms. A 1 metre wide alley on the right along three prismatic pillars  separates  along the auditorium and the podium. A small bar is located before the entrance to the auditorium with an open station for lighting while a small club is situated to the left of the auditorium. An exhibition gallery is also part of the theatre.


- Stavební archiv městské části Praha 8.

- Data from web site of the theatre


Tags: Contemporary era


Author: Jiří Hilmera

Translator: David Livingstone

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