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The Ungelt Theatre

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(detail)1995 | Opening


Václav Haupt |Commissioned by


The theatre is placed at the cellar space of a 12th century building of Romanesque origin – No. 646/I, Malá Štupartská 1, Štupartská 7. It was adapted after a Václav Haupta’s project and the first performance took place here on October 10th1995.

A rectangular hall is covered with a compressed vault protruded on both sides with two small alcoves – the left one with a vertical ventilation chimney. There is a diagonally oriented stage in the front with an axial entrance into the backstage. A simple construction of The Light and Sound Director’s cabin is situated in the right back corner. All the walls and the vaults are painted black. During the first theatre seasons performances were situated in variably undertaken space under Václav Haupta’s design. In the year 1997 a set auditorium was adopted with gradually climbing straight rows of seats for 84 spectators with seven steps to the left from the isle and with four to the right. The neighbouring hall hosts a club room with a vault bearing imprints of an original boarding. The walls are also bare with no plastering.


- Vlček, Pavel: Umělecké památky Prahy – Staré Město a Josefov, Praha 1896, s. 437-439; tam i starší literatura.



Tags: Baroque, basement theatre


Author: Jiří Hilmera

Translator: Hana Atcheson

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