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Theatre designs by Josef Gočár

Josef Gočár

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Important events

(detail)1912 | Design of a theatre for Jindřichův Hradec

(detail)1930 | design



Design of a theatre for Jindřichův Hradec

The most radical split with previous architectural perception of a theatre building is represented by the design, with which Josef Gočár participated on the competition for a building of an association house with a theatre hall in Jindřichův Hradec. This design presented  a structure of a distinctly Cubistic concept with expressive moulding of details. However, as followed from the competition conditions, the design did not deviate in its layout concept from the traditionally conceived multi-purpose halls with a flat floor and balcony, on which wings there were three rows of seats turned into the auditorium section perpendicularly to the axis of the hall ( completely dysfunctional from the theatrical point of view). The designer followed the traditional, but practically time-proven patterns in the layout of staircases as well in crosswise protruding modules.


In: Hilmera, Jiří: Česká divadelní architektura; Praha 1999, p. 84


Tags: Avant-garde


Author: Jiří Hilmera

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